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ATTENTION: BUSINESS OWNERS HUNgry to make an app & get hot leads
want your own App Pumping out HOT customers without ads, coding or risk?
want a Flow of HOT customers without 
The headaches of The Ads Game?
Make Apps Not Ads™ is a power-packed mini-course and tools outlining exactly how to create your own app
(even if you aren't the least bit techy or no clue where to begin!)

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sound familiar?
Zuck’s army are out to get you and just when you're about to hit it big, the rules of the game change and it’s back to reviewing the terms of service. 
Tired of your fate tied to a game where the rules keep changing? Pumping out endless content, courting influencers, hoping your message and products would just finally take off?

  Yup. Me too.

the good news
As the online business world becomes harder and harder to stand out from the noise, there’s a new controversial movement taking over the scene that was once controlled by Facebook ad gods, VC funded startups, and Silicon Valley powerhouses.
playing the ad game has come back to haunt you 
Fortune 500 corporations can afford to spend millions on ad and it seems  like that's all the Facebook seems to care about. While your ads either don't get approved, attract the wrong leads or worse, your account gets shut down leaving you wondering where to turn.
blasting social media posts everyday is a full time job.
Knowing what to write, growing your followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Medium and let's not forget lovely LinkedIn is another game where the algorithms keep changing.
Chasing influencers feels like high school all over again.
You spent so much money trying to get her attention, and maybe it even worked and you got a spot in front of her audience, yet it didn't create the long lasting sales you hoped for. 
you just need some presence on their phones
Whether it's an ad, influencer or social media posts, it's all a game of getting space on our audience's phones - so why not create your own space where YOU set the rules?!?
Hi, I'm Carla
The first woman to make an app, funded out of my own pocket for 10 years, that become my ultimate lead magnet.
I've been featured on TV, major radio shows like BBC and NPR, I've been written about in newspapers and I've even been featured on Oprah, crowned as the ‘Queen of Apps'.

And guess what? 

Everybody, and I mean everybody, keeps asking for my secret. 

And I don't blame them. Now, with your permission, I'm revealing it to you! 

I want to share everything in a mini-course that tells all. There's no fluff or filler - just street-hardened tactics that are working right now to rapidly grow tribes and sales.

This mini-course is easy to follow and understand and you get a complete blueprint of my most powerful app lead magnet system.

You'll discover how to create apps that literally hooks buyers from the start, unable to resist your other products or services.

You'll know absolutely MUST DO steps before building your app so you don't burn through your precious profits. 

This simple yet brutally effective profit system has given both me and my clients record breaking results...and no one is doing it!
just imagine
Having your very own app positioning you as an expert, growing your tribe & list and promoting your offers?
Your app on 1000's of  phones, used daily & you get to promote what you want when you want.
and more!
get all of this
without learning how to write code.....
Even if programming your TV remote is a challenge, the simple process outlined in this course will have you creating addictive apps that create super fans.
your app
The single best way to attract highly engaged DREAM clients because your apps is giving them super powers
always in front of them
Let's face it, we love our phones! The "gurus" pitching you with books that sits on the shelf or a podcast that always needs new content, your app is a little tool that they can download, use and connect with you daily.
You have your own platform
You can't trust Facebook or Google and the tricks they play with your money . With your own app, you can promote your podcast, offers and anything else you want. And let's not forget the money you'll make from your app!
build a legacy business without resorting to using scammy marketing tactics just to get profits

Make Apps Not Ads

The only strategy & course of its kind 

It will transform your business as it did mine! Even if you're the least bit technical and don't have a clue where to begin when it comes to making apps -- or maybe you don't even have an app idea -- you can still grow your audience and your profits through your own very app.
5-step mini course BASED ON 
before contacting developers, 
you neeed a solid plan
even if you aren't building 
your own app
you can map it out 
to make you money IN MINUTES 

I'm calling it "Make Apps Not Ads" because so many of you know are struggling to attract HOT leads.

You’re confused with how much apps costs, whether people even download them anymore (they do!) or whether your idea is a profitable (it will be!) 

You still can't figure out how to make an app -OR - you have an app out there but it's simply not profiting.

You don’t need more gimmicks. You need the WHAT WORKS in EASY STEPS to get the app launched as FAST as possible!


How to craft irresistible apps 
without spending risking your entire savings, securing VC funding or getting taken for a spin by a programmer you found on Fivver or Upwork.
The 7 secrets of apps as lead magnets
This goes against everything the internet "gurus" tell you and how I get nearly 4000 leads in a day without ads, influencers or a massive social media following (see photo)
Crushing the app dev process...
even if you're not the least bit technical, you'll discover my "Hire Like a Silicon Insider" Secret that drastically cut the cost of creating your own app.
Thousands of hot & happy leads a day while instantly positioning yourself as a trusted authority (even if nobody’s ever heard of you)

boost your status while creating brilliant apps like maria:

“Carla is the Queens of Apps. The course plus the bonuses makes it crazy simple to put together the sexiest, most awesome app ever and the TRAP method is beyond genius. ” 

Maria Martin

My Gratitude Journal instantly made me an authority when I launched my podcast, Radical Shift. And when I launch any promotions.
Instantly hit podcast 
Uncover the subtle yet wickedly powerful art of blowing up all your platforms using my "dash-of-salt" method that requires no emails whatsoever!
sold out programs & products
Even if you're a complete novice at making apps, I'll teach you how to crawl inside the mind of your dream buyer and get fresh, super-targeted intel to craft up your offers so you can beat the pants off your competition!

does this sound familiar?

Perhaps the only thing standing between you and your app is some jaw dropping quote

🤯 🤯 🤯

Why are quotes so shockingly high?

It's like asking a builder how much a house like "the Jone's" costs. He has to make thousands of assumptions so he's going to pad the numbers to be safe.

With Make Apps Not Ads, you have an exact blueprint of your app and you created it with the the Queen of Apps holding your hand.

Going direct to agencies is risky

App Agencies will make a beautiful app but don't have clue on marketing it and making a profit. 

That's why most apps fail.

What's in "make apps not ads"?

This non-technical mini-course brings apps + funnels together
in a way that's never been done before


Formulate your own irresistible app.

You don't need the next "shark tank" idea. You need a small yet fun tool that has just the right mix of ingredients, hooking your audience from the start.

Like building a house, we map out your blueprint and the exact steps to get it built. You discover where to find the right talent and what to expect every step of the way.


Getting Noticed in the Sea of Apps.

The reason most apps fail is because they don't even think about marketing their app until after it's launched. Or worse, they use the same cookie-cutter approach that is old and boring. Discover exactly how I got my app in the top of the charts for over 11 years with zero marketing, affiliates or ads.


Turning it into the Ultimate Lead Magnet

Not all apps are good lead magnets. And turning your app into a lead magnet doesn't mean filling it with ads or invites to your next best thing. 

The formula I share take strangers into your world because they want to go there, not because they're being tricked.
But you need to hurry!
This offer is extremely limited & won't last long
If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time with no notice.

To ensure you don't miss out, act now...
my call-me-crazy guarantee
We promise that you CAN do this. But the best part don’t even have to believe me. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, the templates, or the extras within 7 days, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of "MANA" quick fix and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.
plus bonuses
My own personal "honeypot of hyper-profitable app strategies" busting your confusion, risk and dead-end ideas
what you absolutely must do before hiring a developer
or designer or even telling anyone about your app, to stop you from lighting your money on fire
the "master secret" to finding developers
that are affordable and ones you can trust. And how to get them invested in your success so your win is their win
that creates a friendship bond with your new customer right away, builds unshakable trust and create a ‘hot buyer' on the very first contact.  
breakthrough approach to discovering easy wins in the app store
that create an avalanche of sales. It's like nothing you've ever seen before, and it positions you as a trusted authority almost instantly
most unsuspecting way to turn your app into your own marketing platform
A simple approach makes you one of the most influential people on the planet, no matter what field you're in 
How to use my "trap" strategy to craft apps that go viral
that will outwit and outsell your competitors even if you're up against an industry GIANT…. and only have a tiny budget

Make Apps Not Ads

POSSIBLY THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL course FOR business owners EVER created
  App Strategy Formula  (Value at $497)
   App Design Formula      (Valued at $197)
  Developer Secrets            (Valued at $197)
    Idea to iPhone Process    (Valued at $297)
    32 Hot App Ideas            (Valued at $397)
    App Product Shots          (Valued at $97)
Total Value = ($2500)
Today's Price = $97

Limited Time Only (Regular Price = $197)

what people are saying
Become an authority and grow your tribe by making apps not ads.
Marc Champagne
kyo app
Get featured by Apple like Marc.
"Honestly, I wish I would have heard about Carla and her book, Idea to iPhone, as soon as we got an idea for our app. We were introduced by the Headspace team and she has been a valuable treasure of strategy and ideas ever since. Do what Carla says! is our new mantra."
Harshita Arora
crypto currency app
Go viral, speak at TEDx, and get awards like Harshita.
"I reached out to Carla hoping for a little bit of advice. But what she shared helped my app hit #2 on launch day, get featured on the cover of Times, and receive a personal invitation to Apple headquarters."
You don't need VC funding, a bleeding edge idea or even a best selling app for this to work
success stories
A few folks who crushed the competition, leaving them waving the white flag
this offer won't last long!
If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time with no notice.

To ensure you don't miss out, act now...

Make Apps Not Ads

create a monsoon of buyers by leading with your own app
  App Strategy Formula  (Value at $497)
   App Design Formula      (Valued at $197)
  Developer Secrets            (Valued at $197)
    Idea to iPhone Process    (Valued at $297)
    32 Hot App Ideas            (Valued at $397)
    App Product Shots          (Valued at $97)
Total Value = ($2500)
Today's Price = $97

Limited Time Only (Regular Price = $197)

your platform, your rules
We downloaded over 204bn apps in 2019. That's nearly double what we downloaded just 2 years ago. How long are you going to wait to get a piece of that action?
you asked
If you don't see your answer below, reach out to me and I'll get you an answer!
Is this teaching me how to use app builders?
No. I'm not a fan of app builders because you're locked into another financially bleeding subscription model that limits what you can do with your app. If you want to use an app builder, I won't stand in your way. But I don't promote them because they aren't a "short cut" at all.
Who can benefit from making apps not ads?
Any business that wants to create an app or already has an app on the App Store. I hear app ideas every single day and people always want to know if it's any good, how much it would cost to make and how long does it take. This is exactly what I tell every client before we even write one line of code. It's also great for people who already have an app but want to increase their profits from it.
How is Make Apps not ads different from the other app courses out there?
Make Apps Not Ads is the only course that shares exactly how to create an apps as client lead generation tool. In other words, it's not just focused on the app creation process. It's focused on creating apps that turn you into a leader in your market, creating red hot buyers so you can increase you backend sales.
I already have an app. Will this work for me?
Yes! My app was in the App Store for nearly 10 years before I discovered my MANA system. I know how it feels - one day downloads and sales are going great and you feel like you finally cracked the code, and then along comes a new app that getting the attention. With this process, you can trickle in users and still make a profit - but you MUST follow the MANA formula!
I'm not the least bit technical. will this still work for me?
Yes! The entire course doesn't share one line of code or anything technical. In fact, I ask you to go back to the basics of pencil and paper for a large portion of it. The entire idea of the course is to share a strategy that will help you come up with positively addictive app ideas as well as opportunities to keep selling to that audience again and again.
YOU’LL KNOW HOW TO GENERATE HUNDREDS OF LEADS from your own app and THE EXACT SYSTEM TO take it from idea to iphone!
You'll have complete blueprint & strategy to your own app so you're not wasting your time or money on Facebook or creating an app that ends up in the trash. 

Make Apps Not Ads

  App Strategy Formula  (Value at $497)
   App Design Formula      (Valued at $197)
  Developer Secrets            (Valued at $197)
    Idea to iPhone Process    (Valued at $297)
    32 Hot App Ideas            (Valued at $397)
    App Product Shots          (Valued at $97)
Total Value = ($2500)
Today's Price = $97

Limited Time Only (Regular Price = $197)

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